I am so pleased to be offering a non credit class this summer at CMC's Carbondale campus.  The aim of the semester long course is to explore many of the diets which are currently popular, and give students the tools to create and implement their own best diet plans.  Diet and Nutrition can be a very confusing topic as we are constantly bombarded with information about what is and is not good for us in terms of diet.  The message seems to be constantly changing.  As a Naturopathic Doctor I have a very solid foundation in human physiology and biochemistry to understand what is required from our diets.  I have clinical expertise in how nutrition directly affects health and performance.  I also have a very educated and critical eye when it comes to evaluating scientific literature.  I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with others who wish to expand their awareness of not only how the foods we choose affect our waistline, but how they affect our overall health and well being.

Class will meet every Wednesday 5-6:30pm at the Carbondale CMC Campus September 3- December 3 2014.  Tuition $190.  Register on the CMC website here  course code HWE-901-CB02

Syllabus Outline:

This is the current syllabus, some changes may be made in the final version, particularly in terms of topic order, however all topics are expected to be covered, as well as additional ones as determined by class interest.

  1. Introduction, Nutrition in America- how politics and money influence public nutrition policy and practice, the Standard American Diet
  2. Nutritional requirements and deficiencies, are we getting everything we need from our food? How are Recommended Daily Allowances determined, Impact of soil health on nutritional content of foods.
  3. Vegetarian and Vegan Diets, GMOs and soy, The China Study
  4. Paleo Diet, Adkins Diet, Weston A. Price Foundation Diet
  5. Fat Flush Diet, Mediterranean Diet, South Beach Diet, and What you really need to know about fat.
  6. Anti inflammatory Diet, Food Sensitivity and Allergy, Diet for Arthritis
  7. Different Diets for different life stages Diet for fertility, pregnancy, nursing, and children’s Nutrition, Diets for the elderly
  8. Food addiction and eating disorders, Surgery and Pharmaceutical weight loss options, and how your metabolism works, or doesn’t
  9. Blood Type Diet, Zone Diet, Diets for Athletic Performance, and should you be gluten free?
  10. DASH Diet- (dietary approaches to stop hypertension), Diabetes Diets, Glycemic Index, and artificial sweeteners
  11. Diet and your brain, depression, mental health and diet, GAPS- Gut and Psychology Diet
  12. TBD by class preference
  13. TBD by class preference

Other topics to be discussed as time permits include; popular weight loss programs, food deserts, distribution and access to quality food, label reading, finding hidden ingredients in foods- gluten and MSG, Insulin regulation, adrenal health and metabolism, thyroid health and metabolism, how hormones and medications affect weight, how toxins affect weight. 

Please feel free to call if you have additional questions about the class 970 236 6178