HEALTHY LIVING SERIES Are the chemicals in your shampoo making you fat? Can the components of your couch make your baby sick? How can a scented candle put you at risk for cancer? We are surrounded by chemicals in our everyday environments. Learn how to avoid and rid your body of many of these environmental pathogens with Naturopathic Doctor, Jody Powell's, Healthy Living Series. Join us each Tuesday for a new, eye-opening discussion on how we can keep our bodies naturally balanced and detoxified.

87739 T 6-7:30p 3/24-4/21 CB Powell Cost: $100 Refund: 3/20


HEALTHY BABY In this session, Dr. Powell will discuss the chemicals which are passed to baby from mother in utero and from breast milk, and all the hazardous chemicals used in baby products from pacifiers to car seats. Learn where to get the safest products and how to protect your baby from toxins that cause various health problems. Not to be missed for anyone with a baby or planning one.

87744 T 6-7:30p 3/24 CB Cost: $25 Refund: 3/20


HEALTHY HOME Toxins lurk in your carpets, furniture, garage, and even your kitchen cupboards. Learn what type of types of chemicals are in everyday items from pillows to air fresheners, which can cause major health problems. Dr. Powell will share why our bodies hold these chemicals, what their health effects are, and how to avoid them, reducing your risk for disease.

87745 T 6-7:30p 3/31 CB Cost: $25 Refund: 3/27


HEALTHY BODY Do you use a variety of skin care products? Do you know what ingredients are in them and which ones can be harmful to your health? The government does not test all the thousands of chemicals in personal care products that line store shelves to make sure they are safe for you and the environment. Many of these products can cause health problems. Learn what which ingredients are in common products, which are better to avoid, and resources for evaluating the products you have now.

87746 T 6-7:30p 4/7 CB Cost: $25 Refund: 4/3


HEALTHY DIET 1 How does one find the healthiest foods for our family? What should one know about GMO's? How does one limit the pesticides in our foods? Get information on what foods are the healthiest, how to best spend food dollars on health meals, and answer questions about food, nutrition, and avoiding chemicals in meals.

87747 T 6-7:30p 4/14 CB Cost: $25 Refund: 4/10


HEALTHY DIET 2 Is the Paleo Diet for you? Pro's, cons, hype. What is this diet about and is it a good choice for you? Get insight into this popular diet; learn who can benefit from this type of diet, how it works, and important tips for doing it in the healthiest ways.

87768 T 6-7:30p 4/21 CB Cost: $25 Refund: 4/17

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