Fertility & Healthy Pregnancy

Planning to start or add to your family can be a very exciting time.  It can also be an anxiety filled time if you are worried about being able to get or stay pregnant.  Dr. Powell can help you maximize you chances for a healthy pregnancy with Natural Medicine and healing foods instead of drugs.

Why Naturopathic Medicine for Pregnancy?

Naturopathic medicine is about removing barriers to health and giving the body what it needs to function optimally.  One of the things I learned in Naturopathic Medical school was that once I started working with a women who was not using a birth control method due to infertility, I needed to warn her that by following my advice she may become fertile again.  Anything that improves your overall health will improve the health of your pregnancy and your baby.  Naturopathic Medicine offers safe solutions for the common discomforts of pregnancy, and helps those who need to optimize their fertility by making sure their body has everything it needs to support a healthy pregnancy.

Below are a few ways Dr. Powell helps women optimize their health and fertility.  She also helps with detoxification, education on vaccines and many other health topics.

Dietary Advice:            $175

What is the right diet?  It depends.  We are all different.  Dr. Powell has an extensive background in nutrition particularly as it relates to disease.  She can help you make positive changes with food choices and supplements to make sure you are getting everything you and your growing baby need.  Dr. Powell advocates a whole foods traditional diet similar to the one promoted by the Weston A. Price Foundation. 

Genetic Testing:            $150-$300

Factor 5 Leiden and MTHFR are two genes which are the leading genetic causes of miscarriage for women in the US.  Knowing which copies of these genes you have and what to do about it can greatly improve your health and fertility.

Nutritional Testing:            $390

Dr. Powell has been performing blood nutritional testing for 6 years.  For all 38 nutrients she tests for she has only had one patient with optimal levels of them all.  Most of us have deficiencies and those deficiencies can cause difficulty getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and feeling good during and after a pregnancy.

Thyroid Testing:            $145

Optimal thyroid function is essential for fertility and for health.  Thyroid hormone controls the metabolism of every cell in your body.  Many women have low thyroid function even when their doctor has told them it is in the normal range.  For many women thyrioid health is the key to fertility.

Custom Herbal Medicine:        $200

Traditional herbs have been safely used by pregnant women for thousands of years.  The correct herbs chosen by a knowledgeable practitioner can help you with fertility, and most symptoms during pregnancy.  You need not choose between suffering and a drug.  There are safe alternatives.

Classical Homeopathy:        $285

Classical Homeopathy is a safe gentle approach to health.  We all have a unique remedy best suited to our individual needs.  Finding this remedy with the help of a trained Homeopath, can help with any and all health issues you may have physical, mental, and emotional.  

Custom Bach Flower Remedies:    $25

These safe, gentle, effective remedies made from flowers have helped countless women before, during and after pregnancy to safely support them and ease emotional ups and downs.