Thank you for doing the work to educate yourself on smart meters. Here are some things

you can do now:

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#1 Spread the word. Facebook, friends, neighbors, family. Talk about what you have

learned. Write a letter to the editor. Post flyers.

#2 Identify which type of meter you currently have for pictures of the new smart meters go to

For pictures of the safer analog meters go to

If you have the old analog meter with dials which turn, and you want to try to prevent replacement with a new “enhanced meter”go to

For sample letters to the utility company and police go to

Names and addresses of the police chiefs, holy cross CEO, to make doing the form letters

easier;  Holy Cross Energy CEO  Del Worley  P.O. Box 2150  Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

Carbondale Police Department Police Chief Gene Schilling 511 Colorado Avenue, #911 Carbondale, CO 81623 

Garfield County Sheriff’s Department Sheriff Lou Vallario 107 8th St. Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

If it is a meter with a digital LED read out A smart meter has already been installed for more information on what to do if you want the meter removed go to

#3 Learn more, donate, advocate. Visit Take Back Your Power’s website 

#4 Organize Politically 57 California communities have passed Ordinances Banning or Criminalizing Smart Meter Installations

We can ask our local governments for help with this issue