Custom Blended Bach Flower Remedies

These are gentle, balancing remedies, made from plants, which help to support your emotional well being.  They are safe, non-toxic, and do not interfere with any medications or supplements.  They can be used by infants, the elderly, and during pregnancy.  Rescue remedy is a popular over the counter Bach remedy blend that helps many people with everyday stresses and anxieties.  There are 38 Bach flower remedies in all, and depending on your uniquness and the stresses you are dealing with at a given time, you will benefit from different remedies at different times.  As a special service I custom blend Bach Flower Remedies.  I will blend 3-7 remedies for you so that you may enjoy the benefits of a custom formula at a fraction of the cost of buying each individual remedy. 

You do not need an appointment to order a custom Bach Flower Remedy combination. Simply fill out a questionnaire, return it with payment, and your remedy will be made especially for you, often the same day you order.