Choosing the Healthiest Seafood

Finding healthy seafood is getting more challenging, and with increasing levels of mercury, PCB's, and radiation in our oceans, people are limiting their intake of seafoods.  While it is wise to avoid extra toxins as much as possible, I worry that by not eating seafood we may be throwing the baby out with the bath water so to speak.  The omega 3 fats in seafood are amazing for helping young brains develop, and keeping brains at any age working smoothly.  Eating fish and fish oils improves heart health, prevents depression, improves arthritis symptoms, prevents dementia, and vision impairment, just to name a few.  All traditional cultures valued foods from the ocean for their superior nutrition.  Seafood is an amazing source of high quality fats and fat soluble vitamins.  So I encourage you not to stop eating fish and seafood altogether, but educate yourself on the best sources.  Eating smaller fish as a general rule is always better as many toxins build up as they work their way up the food chain into bigger and bigger predator fish.  And NEVER, EVER, EVER eat farmed fish.  FYI Genetically modified salmon are now on the market with no labeling to let us know they are GMO.  Please click here for a guide to safer seafood from the Environmental Working Group, on of my favorite resources for healthier living.