Supplements for Eye Health & Gift Certificates

Many of us are concerned about the health of our eyes particularly as we age.  My father has macular degeneration and has been trying out various supplements for many years.  I remember when he sent me an advertisement for a prescription eye capsule, which his doctor recommended.  It had tiny amounts of Vitamin C, E, and beta carotene- a pre-vitamin to vitamin A, which many of us cannot convert to active vitamin A, some, zinc without copper to balance it, and zero of the amazing antioxidants for eye health Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  What it did have were fillers know to cause allergy, artificial colors know to cause cancer, and a ridiculous price tag of $1 per pill.  Please be careful out there, many different companies market vitamins and supplements, not all of them offer a high quality, well-researched product.  In general you do get what you pay for.  I am now offering short 30-minute vitamin review visits.  Bring in all of those bottles and I can tell you if they are good bad or ugly in my opinion, offer suggestions for other forms or brands, explain why they are beneficial for you or not, and simplify how many things you are taking.  This can be a great jump-start to New Years resolutions, and you can even purchase a gift certificate for someone else that you think would benefit from the service.  Call about gift certificates for a vitamin review $90, a custom Bach flower remedy $25, a vaccine consultation, or any amount you like towards supplements or visits.  Give the gift of health this year.