CMC Class!

I am so very excited to partner with CMC to offer a class on diet and nutrition.  This class titled Finding your Best Diet, will begin Tuesday May 13th 5pm at the Carbondale CMC campus.  It is a 13 week exploration of common and not so common diet plans with in depth discussions of their pros and cons from my prospective as an expert in clinical nutrition.  I work with people on diet changes every day, not just for weight loss, but also to support fertility, skin conditions, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, mood, growth and development, detoxification, and scores of other problems.  Most of our information on diet comes from the media, and is not scientifically based.  Please join me in a journey to uncover the truth about how what you eat impacts your health, and find your best diet.  Free preview class May 1st.  For more information and a syllabus click here.