GMOs so what?

What is the big deal?  Animal studies and the experience of farmers feeding GMO grains to their animals has given us more than enough reason to be concerned about Genetically Modified Organisms in our food.  Farmers have seen their pigs become completely infertile after a switch to GMO feed, people have been made sick by GMO foods, most industrialized countries have banned or labeled GMO foods to protect their citizens from their unknown effects.  They are watching and waiting to see what happens to America's children before they allow themselves to be guinea pigs.  We do not have any idea the long-term effects on the health of people, animals, ecosystems, and our agricultural system, from the use of GMO's.  Adequate research was not required before they went into wide scale use, but the effects we have seen so far are reason for concern.  This is why there are efforts all over the country to label foods with GMO ingredients.  We get to know how much fat, cholesterol, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup are in our foods, why not GMO's?  As my sister says follow the money.  The companies manufacturing GMO foods, and profiting from their sales are pumping millions into lobbying and advertising to convince us that there is no difference for our health between GMO food and non-GMO food.  If there isn't any difference then what are they afraid of?  Take some of that money and fund some studies by unbiased parties to show that GMO foods have no negative side effects…  That’s not what is happening.  Instead these companies are dumping billions into fighting labeling with legislation like H.R. 4432.  More on that in another post.

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