Roundup Herbicide found in Breast Milk

I remember learning about glyphosate herbicide (brand name Roundup) when I went to Virginia Tech in the late 90's.  We were taught that the chemical became inert when it hit the soil and was not dangerous to groundwater or aquatic ecosystems.  Then in the early 2000's when my job controlling exotic invasive plants required that I spray glyphosate, I read up on the product again.  Again, I was told it was safe.  It would not get into the water or into our bodies and bioaccumulate- which means stay in our bodies and build up.  Turns out that wasn't true… Monsanto's assurances that this poison was "safe" have been called into question by some recent evidence of Roundup in breast milk.  This means that the most common herbicide used in agriculture and on homeowner’s lawns is accumulating in our bodies and being literally fed to our children.  The increase in "roundup ready" GMO crops promises only to increase the amount of this chemical in our bodies.

What can you do?  Stop using Roundup at home, in fact, stop using all pesticides at home.  There are great non-toxic alternatives, answers are an internet search away.  Buy organic food which has not had synthetic herbicides and pesticides sprayed on it.  Push for labeling of GMO foods, and support your liver with foods and herbs that help it to detoxify this and other dangerous chemicals we encounter every day.  For more on the evidence of Roundup in breast milk see this article.