Cooking with gas Health concerns

In preparation for my cleanse class today I was looking for some information on the fumes created while cooking on a gas stove.  I came across an article that summed it up well and thought I would share it with you in a post.   Burning natural gas produces toxic fumes including formaldehyde.  In the Berkeley study this article expands upon they measured the levels of toxic gasses coming from everyday gas cooktops and found that they exceeded the levels allowable in outdoor air.  This means that if you are standing over a stove cooking without an exhaust fan running you are breathing very unhealthy air, so unhealthy that if it were being produced outside, California Law would require it to be cleaned up.  So should you stop cooking?  Heavens no!  I do not believe you can be truly healthy unless you cook, but turn on the fan, and if you do not have one get one installed or get a small fan you can run in your kitchen while you cook.  When the weather is good open the windows.  Lastly, please, please do not cook with teflon coated pans!

Here is a link to the article.