Surviving Prostate Cancer are we over diagnosing and over treating?

I just found out a documentary has been produced about prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.  I encourage you to at least watch the three and a half minute trailer for Surviving Prostate Cancer.  Some quotes from the movie:

"We've had an epidemic of prostate cancer diagnosis" -Julian Whitaker M.D.

230,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer per year in the US

"We have not had any reduction in overall death rate from prostate cancer because of the [conventional] treatment" -Julian Whitaker M.D.

The death rate from prostate cancer has not changed since 1930

Did you get that?  Hundreds of thousands of men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Being scared to death.  Having their prostates poked, prodded, and removed.  Undergoing chemo and radiation which carrys lots of risks not the least of which is cancer...  And it's not working!  It is making tons of money for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Many doctors, including myself, have looked at the research and seen that men are being over treated.  Many men live to a ripe old age and die of something which has nothing to do with their prostate.  Even though on autopsy the cellular changes that meet the current definition of cancer are found.  There are many doctors who argue that the diagnosis criteria need to be changed.  Many cellular changes in breast and prostate tissue have been shown not to cause long term harm, yet are lumped under that same CANCER label.  This means that even if these cellular changes were to remain untreated they would never be life threatening.  Yet because they have the "C" word in their name; chemo, radiation, and surgery are regularly recommended.  These treatments can cause serious long term harm and reduction in quality of life.  Many men who undergo treatment for prostate "cancer" become impotent and incontinent.  Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal detailing some of the controversy.

We need to take a harder look at this issue.  We are over diagnosing and over treating these much less dangerous conditions and still missing the really dangerous ones.  By the way I am not saying you don't treat at all.  There is no doubt we should act when life threatening cancers are found.  The lifestyle changes of Naturopathic Medicine can make a huge difference whether you have mild or severe cellular changes going on.  Truly, we should act long before that by avoiding chemicals in our food, water, skin care products, and environment, and leading healthy lifestyles.  Whether the cellular changes do or do not meet a current diagnostic criteria, basic care from a Naturopathic Doctor can help you treat and prevent any abnormal cellular changes.