Anxiety caused by a nutritional deficiency?

Its true.  There are many causes of anxiety, and nutritional deficiencies are one of them.  Research studies have proven that deficiencies in the following vitamins can cause anxiety;

Carnitine                   Chromium                  Vitamin D                 Vitamin E                 Vitamin B3

Vitamin B6               Zinc                                Folate                          Inositol                      Choline

Serine                        Copper                           Magnesium               Selenium


Wouldn't you like to know if you are deficient in one of these?  You can find out with a simple blood test.  Unfortunately your primary care Doctor cannot order this test.  It is done by a specialty lab called Spectracell.  I have been using this test for 8 years to help people find out what they are actually low in so they can purchase the right supplements, and get nutritional support for all of their health challenges.  Call today for more information 970-236-6178.