April 1st Healthy First Friday in Carbondale- How your body tells you what vitamins it needs

Please come out Friday April 5th at 5pm.  It will be the second annual Healthy First Friday in Carbondale.  I, along with many other folks who are interested in helping you be healthy, will have tables set up at the Third Street Center starting at 5pm.  Local businesses around town with a health bent will be participating, as well as local restaurants showcasing their healthier fare.  There will be prize drawings and loads of great information on how to be healthy in Carbondale.

I will be talking about some of the physical signs of nutritional deficiencies.  

Do you have?

Bumps on the back of your upper arms?

White marks on your fingernails?


Bleeding gums?

Dry eyes?

Dry Hair?

Find out how these signs and more can tell you what nutritional deficiencies you may have.  Learn about a simple blood test for 37 different nutritional deficiencies which, is on sale for the month of April!

See you there!