Aluminum and Alzheimer's

There has been a long history in America of suppressing the health dangers of Aluminum.  However, with Alzheimer's rates on the rise, it is becoming more and more difficult to deny the link between aluminum and Alzheimer's.  Check out this article explaining the results of a recent study titled "Aluminum in brain tissue in familial Alzheimer's disease".

How do we get high levels of aluminum in our bodies?  Certainly if you work in or live near an aluminum plant you will have high exposure from the air and possibly the water.  For the rest of us exposure is a little at a time.  Here are examples of ways your body may pick up aluminum; 

deodorant- particularly antiperspirant, read the label

baked goods- baking powder often contains aluminum

vaccines- added as an adjuvant to most vaccines

processed cheeses- makes them easier to slice and melt (not on the ingredient label)

anything cooked in aluminum cookware or foil

anything in an aluminum can

pickles with alum used in their preservation

gummie candies

these are just a few examples