Order directly from Standard Process- cheaper than amazon!



Patient direct ordering from Standard Process is finally here.  I know some of you have found Standard Process products available on Amazon.  I cannot argue with the convenience of Amazon especially with free shipping.  Personally I avoid it as their treatment of employees gets very negative press, and many sellers are shifty.  Those who have used Amazon for Standard Process supplements may have noticed the prices tend to be higher, sometimes MUCH higher than my prices.  Here is how it works.  Standard Process prefers that all of their supplements are sold by Doctors.  This is because they believe the relationship between health care professionals and patients is critical in supporting the best health outcomes, and the Doctors who are approved to sell Standard Process supplements have the education to understand the needs of their patients and recommend appropriate products and dosages.  We can also respond if there were ever a problem.  When you see products on Amazon they are being sold by folks violating the Standard Process policy.  Basically a Doctor, or more likely a patient, places large orders of supplements then resells them online.  This is why the prices are higher because they need to make a profit over the retail price they paid.  These sellers are being shut down by Standard Process as soon as possible, but they know they are doing something wrong and actively evade discovery by changing identities and websites.  


Now rather than using Amazon you can place an order directly from the company while still under the supervision of your Doctor.  Basically, you sign up at StandardProcess.com and I give you a special code to set up an account under my account.  Then you can order your products to be delivered directly to you right from the company.  Shipping is a flat rate of $10, (cheaper than for me!).  This skips having to call me.  Of course I love talking to you, and knowing how you are doing, but I get that life is busy.  I am very happy that now you can place an order at 2am if you like and get what you need through a legitimate pathway and I can be sure you are getting quality products.  If you are a patient, give me a call or send me an email and I will give you instructions.