Does Nestle own your favorite supplement company?

Nestle finalized a deal in 2018 to purchase Atrium a company which owns the popular supplement brands Garden of Life, Seroyal, Wobenzym, Douglas Laboratories, Pure Encapsulations, Pharmax, Genestra Brands, Orthica, AOV, Minami, Klean Athelete, and Tropic. As you may know Nestle has come under fire in the past for pushing infant formula to replace breast milk. The reduction in breastfeeding rates due to the companies practices are alarming. The marketing of formula in impoverished communities is especially disturbing since using formula can cause a mothers milk supply to slow or stop and then she is dependent upon formula she must buy. This practice has also resulted in illness and death for many infants due to the mixing of formula with unclean drinking water, and the dilution of formula to save money which deprives the infant of nutrition. Nestle has also been criticized for profiting from public water sources in order to sell bottled water. This has occurred in communities with water restrictions due to drought and where residents have no access to clean water. For those of you who are not interested in supporting Nestle I can offer you suggestions on alternate products.