Vote Yes on 105 to label GMOs

With the help of many concerned citizens and dedicated volunteers including our local group GMO Free Colorado Roaring Fork Valley, which I am happy to be involved with, we will have a chance to vote on GMO labeling this November.  It may sound like a slam dunk to get this passed but as of last night companies who stand to lose profits if this bill passes have spent 9 MILLION Dollars to fight it.  Yes 9 Million, and the election is still a month away.  Monsanto has contributed more than half of that 9 million, but other groups who have given money to fight the passing of Prop 105 include; The Colorado Corn Growers Association, the Colorado Farm Bureau, Dow, and Coca Cola.  You can expect a smear campaign telling Coloradans that this bill will hurt them and will hurt farmers.  PLEASE talk to everyone you know.  Support Right to Know Colorado, buy a lawn sign, post to Facebook, educate others that GMO foods are a clear threat to the health of our nation, and this bill will do nothing to ban them.  It simply requires that we be informed of what is in our food.  And Please Please Please VOTE!!