Fall Cleanse Class starts Wednesday November 5th

If you are ready, or almost ready to make a change in your diet, lose some weight, gain some energy, end the aches and pains or arthritis, clear up your skin, detoxify, or generally just feel more awesome consider joining this class.  Class will start Wednesday November 5th and meet each week at my office from 5-6pm.  I love doing this 6 week class where we meet for one hour a week and I walk you through an elimination and challenge diet to identify hidden food sensitivities that may be causing you to keep weight on, giving you pain, or sapping your energy.  You eat real food, no shakes or supplements, and you learn about metabolism, blood sugar regulation, inflammatory foods, and lots more.  It's a boot camp for healthy eating, and revving up your metabolism.  The cost is $200 for all 6 weeks, bring a friend and get a $25 discount.  Click here for more information.  Please call or email with questions and to sign up.