FDA fast tracks more untested vaccines for pregnant women, despite deaths

In a November 2015 meeting the FDA proposed fast tracking approval for more vaccines for pregnant women.  Since 2006 the CDC has recommended a flu shot for every pregnant woman during every pregnancy.  Since 2011 they have recommended the Tdap shot during every pregnancy.  These vaccines were never tested for safety in pregnant women before these recommendations.  The FDA is now fast tracking approval for RSV and 3 doses of Hep B during pregnancy.  This would be fine if we knew they could not harm mother or baby, but that simply isn’t true.  Babies have died after their mothers were given flu shots.  You should be informed of the possible risks and benefits of any medical intervention before agreeing to it.  This includes vaccines.

Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center attended that public meeting on the newly fast tracked vaccines and gave her comments.  I encourage you to click here and read them in their entirety. 

According to Fisher “Women getting pregnant and delivering babies in America today have more than twice the risk of dying during pregnancy, childbirth or within one year of giving birth than they did three decades ago”. 

TWICE the risk.  It is a little know fact that infant and maternal mortality statistics in the US are terrible, now a proposal to inject even more toxins into pregnant women’s bodies.  I keep wondering when it will end. 

You have no legal recourse if your health or the health of your child is damaged by a vaccine or vaccine ingredient.  That’s right.  Your child could be killed by a vaccine and you cannot sue the doctor, or the pharmaceutical company.  Your only recourse is the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program where the US Court of Federal Claims decides if you have in fact been injured or killed by a vaccine and can dole out monetary awards from a fund created by a $.75 fee added on to every vaccine sold.  So the company manufacturing the vaccine, and those promoting and injecting the stuff have ZERO liability, ZERO!  They don’t even pay the $.75 fee, you do.

For infants and children, injuries from the Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) get the most monetary awards through the program.  This means of all childhood vaccines this one causes the most damage to health as determined by VICP.  For adults, the influenza vaccine is the cause of the majority of awards. 

So bottom line.  You have no legal recourse if you are injured by a vaccine.  No one takes responsibility.  There is a court, which determines if you have been injured or killed by a vaccine.  They can give you money for those damages, but not one is held accountable.  The two vaccines which receive the largest share of these monetary awards, because they have been proven to cause harm, are recommended by the CDC and FDA to be given to every pregnant woman during every pregnancy.  And did I mention these vaccines were not tested in pregnant women before they started receiving them? 

The FDA has granted fast track approval for an RSV vaccine for pregnant women and 3 doses of Hep B vaccine.  These would be added to the CDC recommended schedule also without adequate study. 

So if it didn’t sound crazy enough let me tell you one more thing.  Every year the flu vaccine is new, and during the 2009/2010 flu season the swine flu was a widely publicized health threat.  VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, our only system for tracking negative outcomes after vaccination, reported a 4,250% increase in fetal death reports for pregnant women following the vaccine.  Keep in mind that VAERS is completely voluntary and therefore it is estimated only 10% of vaccine reactions are reported to them.  The flu vaccine is new every year, so we don’t know how dangerous it will be year to year.  Click here for an article from greatergoodmovie.org with more details on this.

So what can you do?  Do your research, find a health care provider who is informed on this issue and not simply repeating the false mantra that vaccines are safe.  Ask holistic minded people and health care providers where to get information.  I recommend visiting www.NVIC.org or scheduling a vaccine consultation with me.  One hour of your time, so much peace of mind.