Smart Meters Being installed in Carbondale today

I just got a call from a friend who lives here in Carbondale.  She came home and there was a man there who said he was going to change her electric meter.  She is aware of the dangers of smart meters, so she asked "is it a smart meter?" he said "Oh no it's an enhanced meter".  Before she could realize what was going on she had a smart meter on her house.  Feeling violated she called me.  "They pulled a fast one on me didn't they?" she asked.  They sure did.  Just like they said they would.  When people in the community started educating themselves about smart meters and opposing them, the utility decided they would just change the name.  It's working.  People are being fooled into having this technology installed on their homes without informed consent to the risks.  In communities all across the US, Canada, and around the world, these meters have caused skyrocketing electric bills, home fires, and sickness in residents and neighbors.  They are vulnerable to hacking and therefore a threat to your privacy and the security of our electric grid.  Please get informed.  For more information, and letters you can send to the utility check out this page.