Need another reason not to drink soda? How about Cancer?

For some of us soda can be a real Achilles heel in trying to improve out diets.  Diet sodas have proven themselves to be truly terrible as they contain artificial sweeteners which wreak havoc on your blood sugar regulation, cause cancer, and are addictive.  Please, please, if you do drink an occasional soda choose organic brands with real, non GMO sugar available at health food stores.  A new study has found another potential carcinogen in sodas with caramel color.  This chemical 4- Methylimidazole, or 4-MEI for short is formed during their manufacturing and therefore not listed on the label.  The researchers of this study suggest that federal regulation of the chemical may be appropriate.  California Law recognizes 4-MEI as a carcinogen and requires labels on sodas sold in California if they exceed the levels set by California's Prop 65 law, which requires warnings on products which may increase your risks of cancer.