Sign up now for Farm Fresh Produce all Summer from my favorite Farmers!

My good friends at Sustainable Settings Ranch are sharing the bounty of their better than organic produce with CSA shares available to the public.  CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  It is a brilliant system where a community works with their local farmers to bring the absolute freshest high quality foods to your table.  When you participate in a CSA you purchase a "share" of the seasons produce which comes to you in bags or boxes once a week.  You receive a variety of produce based on  where we are in the season, with everything picked at the peak of freshness.  Sustainable Setting CSA will include root vegetables, fresh greens, herbs, and you can even get farm fresh eggs, and fruit.  You benefit from food grown with love in nutrient rich soils, without toxic pesticides and fertilizers.  You also have an opportunity to get to know the people growing your food, and best of all- never pull a weed!  Although I am sure the folks at the Ranch would let you pull a weed if you like, just make sure they show you which one, as many of those weeds are food!  The benefit for the ranch is that when they sell shares they know they have a set number of families to feed each week, and they can plan their planting accordingly.  The "shares" are paid for before the growing really starts so they have money for seed and supplies, then they can focus on growing and harvesting your beautiful food all season rather than trying to market their products when they are working long days tending the gardens.  I purchased my share months ago and am very excited to see the variety of foods in my reusable hemp bags each week.  I know this food is being grown in the healthiest, best way possible for my health and the health of the environment.  Please do your health a favor and go to for more information and to sign up!